IRONWOOD, Mich. (WJMN) – The Green Bay Packers 2023 Tailgate Tour concluded on Friday with a stop at Stormy Kromer in Ironwood. The popular U.P. clothing brand ditched their traditional red and black and sported the green and gold to welcome both current and former players along with Packers president Mark Murphy.

The Packers and Stormy Kromer’s relationship began eight years ago when the company got quite the unexpected surprise. 

“They were supposed to surprise Ironwood high school and we had a snow day. So, without any notice, that big green bus parked and they just walked in. I gave them a tour evidently it was so much fun they actually put us on the tour. So, that’s really quite special for us even for them to even think about it,” said Stormy Kromer Chairman and former CEO, Bob Jacquart.

“It’s been great,” said Mark Murphy, the President of the Packers. “This is the second time I’ve been fortunate enough to be here at Stormy Kromer and it’s such a first-class organization. You can see why they’re so popular and have done so well. Bob does a great job and we really appreciate their generosity.”

One returning player on the tour is Packers running back Aaron Jones. Over the years, Stormy Kromer has provided Jones with clothing to help survive the cold Wisconsin winters. 

“Aaron Jones was complaining about his family being cold from south Texas to his trainer and his trainer is a big Stormy Kromer fan,” said Jacquart. “So, we’ve been outfitting him and his family as well. So, that’s been really special. So, we’ve become a little close and I bet Aaron had something to do with this too with them coming here. So, that’s been fun. Think about it, for somebody up in Ironwood, Michigan, to have kind of a small personal relationship with the Packers is pretty cool.”

“Me and my soft tissue guy, he is from Wausau,” said Aaron Jones. “He introduced me to them and from there the relationship took off. They’ll send me stuff throughout the year. I’ve worn it for games, I’ve worn it for a video shoot I did with Lids. So, I’ve worn different things of their stuff. They take care of not only myself but my family as well.”

Stormy Kromer’s brand was on full display this past Christmas Day when Jones touched down in South Florida sporting a fleece crafted in the U.P, prior to the Packers game against the Dolphins. 

“He recognizes that this is a family business and that he has a little bit of power to help us,” said Jacquart. “They played down in Miami in December and he got off the plane and he’s got red and black plaid on and his sombrero. Think about it, you’re really proud. That’s our brand and it’s really cool.”

The Packers players along with president Mark Murphy got an opportunity to learn about the history of Stormy Kromer, and do a little shopping. But they say their favorite part of their visit was meeting the workers who are behind the scenes making it all happen.

“It was very cool,” said Jones. “They’re putting in a lot of hard work. It’s really great quality and they’re putting in a lot of attention to detail. The people wouldn’t know unless they were to walk back there. So, it was amazing to see.”

“The cool thing about that is it’s all here,” said Davon House, a former cornerback for the Packers.” It’s not getting shipped out to get this, this, and that made. Bob walked us through the process and it’s all made here.They’re back there working really hard and they were happy to see us, obviously. But man. It was cool to see that.” 

With this year’s Tailgate tour coming to an end, the Packers were able to reflect on their journey.

“It’s been a blessing,” said House. “To actually go around and stop at different places, different schools, to give messages, to give hope and spread positivity, you know, hopefully I can come and do it again.”