‘(906) Day’ founder looks forward to community celebration

Positively U.P.

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — 906, the area code of the Upper Peninsula, conveniently lines up nicely with September 6 and the day has become a celebration of the region for the residents and local businesses.

“I founded 906 day I think in 2012 and I kind of woke up one day and made that epiphany that 906 was September 6,” said Bugsy Sailor, Owner of Upper Peninsula Supply Company and founder of 906 Day.

“The very first year, I decided I would have a sale online that every purchase over $20 would be $9.06 off and it’s a sale we’ve done ever since, but what’s been nice in addition to the sale, is that it’s grown into this day of pride as an Upper Peninsula holiday.”

Yoopers from all over enjoy celebrating the day because it provides them with a common ground of appreciation. The holiday allows small businesses across the Upper Peninsula an opportunity to draw people into their stores for some fun deals.

“The first several years it was just U.P. Supply Co, but then a few years in, I started reaching out to other businesses suggesting that they participate,” said Sailor.

“A lot of businesses have been on board. I’ve enouraged them to come up with their own promotion and try to get creative. If you could work 906 into it, that’s great, but it’s also about celebrating the U.P. It’s a good day to take a sauna, it’s a good day to visit your local pasty shop and anything like that.”

906 Day is not only appreciated by those who either currently or previously lived in the Upper Peninsula, but the entire state of Michigan has shown its support for this special holiday.

“The community has been awesome. I couldn’t believe how 906 day has taken off over the years. It’s really grown on social media and the online presence, but what’s really happened over the last couple of years, it’s really extended out of the U.P. and into the rest of Michigan. I’ve seen the governor comment of it before, I’ve seen the Michigan State Police, the Detroit Free Press, so some big organizations below the bridge are acknowledging September 6th as well.”

Due to the pandemic, Sailor said that many of the businesses that have previously participated in 906 Day have not been either been able to have a sale or the ability to market the deals they will be running.

“We still working on specifics of what we’ll be doing. Obviously this year has changed a lot of normal flow, so we are a little bit behind in our planning, but we are gearing up for 906 day to see what we can do for the community.”

The holiday is not only for business owners, but it’s a day where yoopers from all across the state and country could show their U.P. pride.

“Anybody can participate. It’s awesome when small businesses can participate. If you can support a small business on that day, especially during these times, that’s fantastic. It’s just a great day to go on a U.P. adventure, it is on a Sunday this year, which lines up well for a little road trip, do some online shopping, if a business is closed, but I think it’s a perfect to grab a pasty and sit by the lake shore,” said Sailor.

“My passion for the U.P. is how unique and special this place is. Our culture is unique, our deminium of Yoopers and our borders, the peninsula is so unique to the region, and everything with the nature that offers, it’s just an amazing place. It’s always had a big spot in my heart.”

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