Hold on to your books: It’s ‘Dinovember’

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – This November dinosaurs emerged from their prehistoric slumber. Instead of terrorizing a theme park full of people, these tiny dinos are on a mission of creativity. Amanda Pierce, Teen Services Coordinator for Peter White Public Library is in charge of capturing their adventures.

“So I decided to do Dinovember here with my Teen Services Instagram page. Just to show off a little of what’s going on at the library and just have some fun with it,” said Pierce.

Pierce said Dinovember started with a book published in 2015 by Refe and Susan Tuma. “What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Messy Adventure. The story written for their children depicted the dinosaurs having adventures through the house. The dinosaurs at Peter White Public Library have been captured, creating their own brand of mischief.

“So far they’ve fed the fish downstairs in youth services. They got themselves a library card, checking out Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. They snuck home in my bag this week and my children helped build them some houses and cars. So I’m sure they’ll get into a few other things throughout the library this week,” added Pierce.

Other libraries and families also participate in #Dinovember on social media. Pierce said a few of the dinosaurs were already at the library. She did have to pick up a few more. She says these new additions will be more than welcome at the library well after November.

Pierce has been looking for ways to engage with teens and the public and bring a little laughter and levity to the world. The posts are also a way to remind people of all the services available through the library.

“The Teen Zone is open for teens. They can come and study when we’re open. The tables are all set up, one kid per table. So if they need homework help, we’re here to help them. We’re here to let them study in peace. We do have two of our computers open. Other than that, we miss you and we hope you come back to the library soon.”

Peter White Public Library was closed to the public during the early months of the pandemic, but has reopened with come adjustments. Thanks to millages that passed during the November election, the library will be able to continue providing books and other services to the public.

“We’re very happy that all the millages passed. I’m personally very excited myself. It’s a great way to keep the library going in the community. We’re very happy that they all passed,” added Pierce.

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