MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – An initiative has been launched at making the Internet a more safe and kind space. Kindness is my Clickbait is aimed at raising awareness to people that they control what they see on their news feeds.

Anna Dravland, the organizer of the campaign says we need to give power to the doers, the world-changers, and the heroes instead of focusing on the negatives.

“We actually have the power to change our clickbait, change the algorithm, change the entire conversation and experience online,” Anna Dravland, Organizer of Kindness is my Clickbait said. “It’s right at our fingertips and it’s what we choose to click on. I want people to click intentionally, I want them to click cautiously, I want them to click responsibly, and to think of it as a power. We are not helpless. Choose what you click on.”

Kindness is my Clickbait will be sponsoring the Marquette Senior High School all-night party this year through t-shirt and sweatshirt sales with 100% of the funds going directly back to spreading more goodness.

“We have these wonderful t-shirts that are made from recycled plastic bottles and we have the wonderful #clickresponsibly to send the message home,” Dravland said. “We also have hoodies that are going to be sold that are also eco friendly, are made from organic cotton, and purchased through a local company LoyalTees.”

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