IRON RIVER, Mich (WJMN) – All-year members of the Iron County Youth Livestock Council gear up for the Iron County Livestock Auction.

The participating kids each raise an animal or animals that they will then show at the fair. The group aims at educating kids from a young age about these animals and how to properly raise and care for them.

A member of the group Kallie says one of her favorite things to do is to get in the ring.

“During the auction, everybody sits around a ring we all go in. We write a little bit about ourselves and our animals and they read it off,” Kallie said.

The group even has a unique tradition that they do every year with a very special animal.

“Each year we do a fair pig and everyone who did livestock will get in the ring with the pig and someone will buy it and we will all get a picture with the buyer,” Kallie said.

Lambs, pigs, and cows will be among the animals you can find that the show this year. Each of them coming with a unique name as well.

This group will show their animals on August 6 at 6 pm CST. The event will take place in the Rotunda in Iron River.

For more information on the Iron County Youth Livestock Council click here.