ISHPEMING, Mich. (WJMN) – Mary Goloversic realized at age 50 that she had a talent that could help others through similar struggles she had faced herself.

“I went through troubled times,” Goloversic said. “And someone made me aware of lies I was believing. I was pleasing people thinking it was loving one another.”

In three decades since, Goloversic has dedicated herself to the craft, authoring seven books ranging from adult dramas to a story for children. While being an author was never on the table growing up, Goloversic has always felt pulled to action by her faith.

“When I was a kid I wanted to be a missionary,” Goloversic said. “And my family was against it. I was supposed to stay in Ishpeming.”

When raising money to self-publish, Goloversic had the opportunity to live out her goal from earlier in life by participating in a mission trip to Honduras. There, she was able to share her children’s book “Stubby the Stubborn Kitten”, which was read by translators at the orphanages where she volunteered. Now, a Spanish translation is being released this year.

Today, Goloversic is hoping her stories can contribute to society by encouraging people to love others and themselves.

“You know, people believe the lie of hate,” Goloversic said. “There’s so much hate going on right now and if people would substitute the truth of love there’d be less crime, less drug addiction, more happiness. I mean, it could turn the world around.”

Goloversic’s works are available to purchase here.