MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The John Kivela Recovery House on Presque Isle Avenue in Marquette held an open house on Wednesday. It was an opportunity for the public to see one of the ways Great Lakes Recovery Centers (GLRC) are helping people in the community.

“We’re very fortunate to celebrate the open house for the community to come in to take a look at the John Kivela House,” said Greg Toutant, CEO for Great Lakes Recovery Centers.

The house has room for six people, and is already at capacity. It is designed to help people coming out of addiction and with mental health recovery.

“New projects like this are not easy to get up and running. It takes the fabric of the community to come together to support things like this,” added Toutant.

The project took about a year from start to residence.

“It gives people the opportunity to see recovery in action,” Toutant continued, “Really it’s about supporting people’s journey to rebuilding their lives. So we think this will have a really positive impression on the community. It’s about proactive services.”

While the Kivela House is full, there are more resources available across the Upper Peninsula and in Marquette County.

Greg Toutant welcoming guests to the John Kivela House during Wednesday’s open house.

One of the people living in the John Kivela Recovery House is Dan Atkins. Atkins was the first person to live in the house, he stayed in treatment until the building was ready.

He was willing to wait to get in the house and become a better version of himself.

“It’s been great for my self-confidence and my self-worth, my self-esteem. Prior to coming here, I was kind of hopeless about things. I’m a veteran. I was in the military for 23 years. I did a couple tours in Iraq. I have PTSD. So that was one thing that was consuming, but I was not getting the proper treatment for it. That was on me. By being here, that has helped me build the confidence I need to admit that I have a problem. That I not only needed to address my addiction. I needed to address the mental health issues I’m suffering from and just wouldn’t come to terms with.”

We asked Dan what advice he has for people currently going through an addiction or trying to get started in recovery.