MARQUETTE, Mich (WJMN) – When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and some kids from the Kids Club in Marquette did just that. They hosted a lemonade stand in Downtown Marquette in order to raise funds to donate back to a cause that is very close to their hearts, Ainsley’s HALO.

“So today we are doing a lemonade sale, which is really exciting because this at Kids Club, we have a K through two program and a three to five program and so we’ve been spending time learning about our community,” Whitney Schampers the School Age Coordinator for Kids Club said. “We’ve been going to community landmarks, we’ve met with community service works, we’ve sent thank you notes to community services workers. So we’ve really been involving our writing, reading, and our math all of that around things that are special to Marquette and one thing that is near and dear to our hearts here at Kids Club is Ainsley’s HALO.”

Ainsley’s HALO is a non profit that was started in honor of an 8 year old Ainsley who passed away due to a form of Cancer. The foundation uses the money they raise to do various things throughout the community year round such as provide a hockey and dance scholarship(s), donations of hats, band aids and toys for Children’s Hospital of Michigan, poke prizes and continual support for pediatric cancer research.

If you wish to donate to Ainsley’s HALO you can do so using the QR code above.

“So, our kids have done all the marketing for this they’ve done. Our doing the math and things like that. So it’s a mix of academics and giving back to the community as well,” Schampers said.

Each kid at the lemonade sale was assigned a job such as cashier, sign holder, lemonade cup filler and more.

Ava, who was a classmate of Ainsley’s spoke very highly of Ainsley and says that it was nice to get and do something in Ainsley’s honor.

“So it’s really nice to think about because all the money that we collect is going to kids in need that have cancer or at the hospital, and it just all going to them,” Ava said. “And so they can have all these toys play within the hospital and it’s just really nice to think about that all that money is going to them.

Stella, a member of the same dance company with Ainsley added to that.

Stella: “Yeah, with like their hats and their Legos and all the fun stuff they can play with It’s really nice.”

The group raised $1400 from the lemonade sale today, with 100% of the proceeds going back to the cause.

For more information on Ainsley’s HALO, you can click here.