Local artist hopes community will ‘Keep Growing’ after unprecedented year

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — School districts across the country have a lot on their plates with getting students back into the classroom safely.

Graveraet Elementary School in Marquette has found a way to offer some words of encouragement for not only their students, but the community at large.

“It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, growing typography,” said Lindsey Naylor, Local Artist. “Then Miriah gave me the push and said we should actually do this and then we came up with keep growing together and then just figured out the processes as we went along.”

With all the uncertainty of this year, we could all probably use an uplifting message.

Naylor and Miriah Redmond from Marquette Growth, teamed up with Graveraet Elementary to help rally the community together behind a “Keep Growing” message as everyone tries to adjust to these unprecedented times.

“We wanted to create art that was actually living and growing, so we teamed up with Miriah’s plant knowledge and my design skills and came up with the ‘Keep Growing’ mural.”

The seeds and flowers to create the “Keep Growing” living mural were donated by local organizations who believe in Naylor’s message.

“It happened as a collaborative effort,” said Miriah Redmond, Marquette Growth.

“We teamed up with MSU North Farm, who gave us the seeds for the cover, so that’s not only providing the bulk of the plant base, but it is also repairing the soil, which is a win-win. Nagel Creek Nursery also donated some of the flowers to give it that color pop.”

The pair designed and planted the “Keep Growing” living mural next to the Graveraet Elementary School greenhouse, where they hope their words of wisdom influence the students who play in the playground around it, but also the community.

Marquette Growth has been partners with Graveraet Elementary for seven growing seasons, even prior when it was the alternative high school. Fourth grade students build soil, plant and save seeds, and harvest the crops grown.

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