New mural leaves “Natural” beauty mark on Marquette

Positively U.P.

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – A new addition to Marquette’s landscape was unveiled Wednesday night. The project can be summed up in one word… natural.

The mural is on the side of Be Well Marquette on Third and Ohio streets. It was made possible by the Power of Words Project and the Marquette Downtown Development Authority.

This is the 10th Power of Words Project in the U.P. and the first in Marquette. 5 are in Iron Mountain where Power of Words founder Mia Tavonatti is from. There are three in Manistique and 1 in Gladstone.

It took a team of artists to make this project happen. One of the artists is Sabrina Langdon from Marquette. Langdon said the whole point of the project is to bring a community together through art. A community vote decided on a word of what they want the future of Marquette to be. The word selected was, ‘natural.’

“I think it was very humbling to be a part of something so big. I think I’ll always be learning and thinking of what she taught me about art and the skills of being on a team. But I also think it’s really cool that I’ll be able to tell my friends when they come to visit, ‘let’s go see this mural that I was I a part of. And also the overall meaning behind this project. We chose this word as a community and we’re able to make the community a little more beautiful because of it,” said Langdon.

Langdon contributed some of the background sky blue, some of the trees and the feathers featured in the piece.

The physical work started on August third, and the final strokes came together on August 24th, one day before the scheduled unveiling.

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