Partridge Creek Farm showcases interns and announces future expansion

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ISHPEMING, Mich., (WJMN) – Partridge Creek Farm invited community members to visit their farm sites and see this year’s work on August 12.

The farm started a new initiative this year that provided free fresh produce to people that volunteered at farm sites. PCF gave away nearly 500 pounds of food this year. Intern, Allison Forn says that was almost all of their harvest.

“Most of the food goes to food fresh friday whatever we have left over is bought by either rare earth goods in town so if you get a salad there potentially the lettuce is actually grown from partridge creek farm,” said Forn. “We also give out the extra produce to the Salvation Army, St Vincent and the warming center in Marquette.”

The interns worked with the farm on this project and others. Another project the farm has been working on is creating an app with a map for community members to use. According to Brendan O’Connor, people can look up what is being grown, where, when it is ready for harvest and if it is allowed to be picked by the public.

“The app can be used also by the organization to track how much of any crop that we’ve harvested throughout the season,” said O’Connor. “It can be used with the soil science interns with their results so we can look at every individual bed and see how the soil has changed through the years.”

These efforts contribute to the farm’s future growth, Dan Perkins the director of PCF announced at the showcase they will be adding two acres of space to their farm.

“We want to turn this entire site to the east of the Jasper Light Senior Housing Project, it’s a couple of acres, into a long term farm where we produce food and also education for the students at Ishpeming Schools,” said Perkins.

The location will be used for intergenerational programs where seniors and children from the school can work and learn together on the farm. PCF already has a farm to school program that they work with students at Ishpeming Schools teaching them to grow their own food. They also partner with several community organizations.

To close the showcase Michigan House Representative for the 109th district, Sarah Cambensy, presented Dan Perkins an award recognizing him for his community service efforts. To learn about how to get involved with Partridge Creek Farm visit their website or Facebook Page.

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