CALUMET, Mich. (WJMN) – John Croze is finishing his 30th year in teaching at Calumet High School and in those 30 years, it’s been a journey.

“My first reason to get into education was so I could coach,” said John Croze, Math teacher, Calumet High School. “I was having a great experience as that. I was originally going to Michigan Tech to be an engineer, but I come from a family of teachers and once I started teaching and working with kids, I decided that’s what I wanted to do. So, I changed my major into education and here I am 30 years later.”

Croze also says building relationships is the number one reason why he joined the education field.

“I also love the world of math and I love trying to build that with the students that I have in my class,” said Croze.

People say he goes the extra mile to help these be successful.

“I’ve known Mr. Croze for 23 years,” said Jennifer Croze, Principal, Calumet High School. “He was actually my mentor teacher when I first started at Calumet High School. In terms of what he has contributed, he’s an exceptional teacher. He has over the years put in so much extra time in to help students out, help them learn math in particular. I see him working with students one on one helping them figure our calculus, helping them with their pre-calc, every single day. There isn’t a single day where he doesn’t put in extra time to help kids learn math in the classroom.”

“His class is always super fun,” said Carolynn Bruchman, student, Calumet High School. “I have two classes with him and at the beginning of the year I was a little nervous going into the high level math classes, but he’s made it a lot easier to learn. We have fun in it. Makes it a little less scary when exams come.”

“I also have him for two classes, pre-calc and physics,” said Joanna Kangas, student, Calumet High School. “I heard stories from my older siblings. Saying, ‘Oh his classes were so hard,’ but he explains everything really well.”

As Croze closes in on this 30-year career he says it’s been very rewarding.

“I think when I reflect back, it’s going to be all the relationships I made and all the friendships,” said Croze. “Just so many friendships. Every graduating class, you look at those kids graduating and then you end up becoming friends with them outside of school. Some of them are here teaching with us and coaching with us. That was a great pleasure for me was to hand the reigns of the football program off to a couple of guys that have played for me and were students of mine.”

As for math, Croze says that’s still part of the adventure, just in a different way. 

“No employment this summer but coming up in September I am going to step into the financial advising role and work for a company,” said Croze. “They’re asking me to open an office in Calumet here and we’re going to do some wealth management and hopefully help out the people of the Copper Country as they get ready to retire.”

“Well I hope he has much success in his next career and I certainly hope he comes back and visit us as often as he wants to,” said Peters.