CHATHAM, Mich. (WJMN) – It was a day on the farm for over 300 fifth graders for the 13th annual Agripalooza. Marquette and Alger Conservation Districts host this educational field day at the Michigan State University Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center in Chatham.

“Agripalooza has a number of topics we have 50 volunteers today from a number of different local organizations,” said Maddie O’Donnell, district manager of Marquette County Conservation District. “So, we have the DNR here today the kids will get to learn about wild land fires, will get to learn about wildlife ID, they will get to see Fish and Wildlife Service is going to teach them all about sea lampreys. We also have a number of agriculture related topics today too. So, they’re going to learn about farm equipment, learning about you know, seed saving, learning about seed heteroscedasticity lots of different topics. We also have got forestry today, invasive species, really all over the map with anything you can think of related to natural resources and agriculture. I think it’s really important to introduce kids to conservation topics at a young age so they can get excited about it, learn why it’s important and you know, maybe decide one day that’s what they’re going to want to do.”

The students spent the whole day getting a hands-on learning experience.

“Well, the kids are always excited to get out of the out of this classroom,” said Matt Watkeys, manager of Alger Conservation District. “I think it to be out here in the great outdoors and to see this amazing farm that we have the cows that are here, the beef operations, and all the agricultural and conservation related activities that are here. I think it really helps the students learn about things firsthand, and we kind of call it that. Learning through being outside where you don’t even really realize that you’re learning you’re just having some fun, and they have a great way to exert some energy and it’s just all-around fun.”

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