MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – U.P. Author, Dorothy Paad toured Lake Superior Press and was given the first copy of her new book.

Her new book is called Dorothy Moves Mountains and it’s about her experience with adaptive downhill skiing.

“My book is about my experiences as a disabled woman doing adaptive downhill skiing with the Moving Mountains adaptive skiing program out of Iron Mountain,” said Author Dorothy Paad.

Paad has another book called Dance Your Dance, Sing Your Song. She was excited to experience the processes that go into publishing her books.

“I love books. As a book lover, it’s fascinating to get to see how books are made and I’ve always wondered, because with my last book I didn’t get to see the between. I just sent the manuscript in when I was ready and then got the finished copy, which was cool. But, to actually get to see the in-between and the process of how it actually becomes a book with pages and a cover was so cool!”

Paad started writing during the pandemic as a way to get through a tough time. People loved her first book so much that it inspired her to write her second. We asked her what advice she could give to aspiring authors.

 “I don’t have much advice, other than if you want to write a book, and you are fortunate like I am, I’m very fortunate that I’m able to write and have books published. But, if that’s something that you’re interested in and you’re able to do, just try it! Just do it!”

Paad received the first copy of her new book and she handed it to her mentor. She explained that her mentor helped her with writing her books. She recommends that any aspiring artist get a mentor.

If you would like to purchase either one of her books, you can find her website here.