COPPER HARBOR, Mich. (WJMN) – The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge offers opportunities for connection to nature, family fun and a glimpse into the past.

Construction on the lodge began in 1933 under the Works Progress Administration. In 1930 Keweenaw County reported a 75.2% unemployment rate due to mine closures. It was the highest unemployment rate in the state and country at the time.

President Roosevelt and his staff started the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) to give financial assistance to states and local governments struggling with unemployment. In Keweenaw County, this money was used to construct roads and Brockway Mountain Drive. Keweenaw County Road Commission also reviewed areas to build the  Keweenaw Park & Golf Course project. Keweenaw Copper Company (Aetna Mining Company) gave the county 167 acres for the project with the condition that a 9-hole golf course would be constructed and the park would always be open to the people of Keweenaw County. Chris Guibert, Lead for Outdoor Activities at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge says in 2018 the lodge was sold into private ownership.

“What they did is they took the logs down off the golf course then they used those logs to build the 24 cabins and lodge so it started, it took about two years to construct so that was between 1933 and 1934 and then it was actually owned by Keweenaw County itself,” said Guibert.

The golf course still remains as an activity on the property of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge but that’s not the only option. They have both winter and summer activities.

“The most interesting thing for people to come see is really just the escape to the wilderness,” said Guibert. “You know, we are located just outside of Copper Harbor, the resort itself sits on top of a little peak so we’re integrated in the Copper Harbor Trail System, we also just recently applied for our international dark sky designation.”

There are 24 cabins available for rent on the property. Guibert says they recommend that people reserve as far out in advance as possible but availability can be checked on their website for a last-minute trip.

“We want people to come up, maybe turn off their phones if you can get out into the woods, get on a bike, go out on the golf course, connect with your family or friends, relax and take in this beautiful scenery,” said Guibert. “You know in every direction you look you’re looking out across the woods, you’re looking out towards Brockway Mountain, and just really kind of disconnect from their everyday life.”

The lodge is operating their restaurant at reduced hours currently but does serve dinner Thursday – Sunday. They also serve breakfast, lunch and coffee at a window during the week in the main building.

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