ST. IGNACE, Mich. (WJMN) – A Facebook groups started by a St. Ignace man has grown over the last two years. This week it was announced that Yooper Do-gooders are a registered non profit.

Dean O’Brien who is the founder and admin of the group said he started the page in February in 2020. “I prayed about it for over two years for how I could help people and this is what I came up with.”

Since then, the page has grown to more than 5,100 members. Some are people looking for help, others are those ready to provide it. That includes people outside the area.

“We’re running a food drive right now. I just had a lady from Texas contact me. She’s originally a Yooper. She’s sending me a box of non-perishable food from Texas,” added O’Brien.

He said he’s been connected with the VA in Mackinac, Luce, and Chippewa Counties. “I was just out at a house in Naubinway. We were out there putting in a walk in shower for a disabled vet.”

As a non-profit, O’Brien said his goals are to get a treasurer and eventually get a bank account which will help fund future projects. “I want to continue helping people. This year I want to get a building so I can start storing furnaces and hot water tanks. I’ve installed 15 of them already. I want to eliminate a lot of red tape for people and just continue to help serve others.”

Whether you’re looking for some help or want to start giving back, you can join the Yooper Do-gooders here.