MENOMINEE Mich. (WJMN) – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is investigating a potential avian influenza outbreak in Menominee County.

The Menominee City Police Department shared details on Sunday of a suspected avian influenza outbreak. According to a Facebook post, there have been several reports of sick, dying or dead birds. Police say if you encounter a bird that is dead or looks sick, do not try to help them. Keep your children and pets away from the birds.

The DNR responded on Tuesday saying there has been a die-off of some Canada geese in that area. Birds have been sent the the DNR disease laboratory in Lansing for testing to see whether this is avian influenza. The results take about a week to get back.

The Michigan DNR released a statement about the Avian Flu explaining the virus primarily affects birds, but could potentially transmit to other animals or humans. They said you should avoid handling any sick or dead wild birds, but if you must move a dead bird, use disposable gloves, a disposable mask, a plastic bad or shovel to do so and wash your hands thoroughly after.

Report any sick, dying or dead birds in Menominee to the Menominee Police department at (906)863-5568 or Menominee County E-911 on the non-emergency line (906)863-6614.

For more information on the Bird Flu or for updates, visit the Michigan DNR Avian Influenza updates page here.