Pre-trial hearing held in death of Alger inmate


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ALGER COUNTY — A pre-trial hearing was held today in Alger County Circuit Court for the man facing charges in the death of his cell mate. 

23-year-old DeShawn Madden is facing first degree murder charges after his bunk mate, Rodriguez Burks, was found dead inside their cell in late July at the Alger Correctional Facility.

Today’s hearing raised a few motions, and also heard the testimony of law enforcement who spoke with Madden after the incident.

Thomas Mohrman, Hearing Officer at the Marquette Branch Prison, said, “Something had happened, because he said it was a fight, and then he choked him, and that he fell and leaked blood.” He goes on to quote Madden in saying, “And then I shook him 2 times, I wrapped him in blankets to keep the blood away. I hollered out of the cell for them to call my people to tell them I think I killed my bunkie. I regret that.”

Two other witnesses also took the stand today. Neither a trial date, nor a decision on a jury, has been made yet.

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