Pres. Trump’s Small Business Administrator visits Calumet


CALUMET — As a part of President Trump’s ‘Pledge to America’s Workers’ initiative, Chris Pilkerton, the Acting Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, visited Calumet Electronics.

Members of the President’s administration have been visiting various businesses across the United States as a part of the initiative. According to the administration, the goal is to expand programs that support American workers.

“Workforce development is an incredibly important thing and Calumet and the whole community here are a part of it, with Michigan Tech and just a tremendous tremendous community,” says Pilkerton. “So what we’re trying to do today is learn more about what Calumet’s been doing, about how they’re developing their workforce, developing their company, and looking forward to tomorrow.”

Founded in 1968 and now with more than 300 employees, Calumet Electronics is one of the largest employers in Calumet. They are one of the few remaining printed circuit board (PCB) engineers in the United States and they say they are committed to keeping jobs in the area.

“Our goal is to grow and our goal is to help the Calumet and surrounding area really have strong middle-class potential,” explains Todd Brassard, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Calumet Electronics. “We want to rebuild the downtown, we want to help the housing market up here, because this is the ecosystem in which we’re running our business, so a strong community also helps us run a strong company.”

Pilkerton says the Trump administration’s tax reform and deregulation has helped small businesses, like Calumet Electronics, grow.

“This is really what it’s about. It’s about jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s about the American worker and it’s about the communities,” adds Pilkerton.

A representative from Calumet Electronics has also been invited to the White House to meet President Trump and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and further discuss the business. Audra Thurston, a Process Engineer for Calumet Electronics will be making the trip.

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