Public meeting held about nicknames


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Marquette Senior High School’s nicknames the “Redmen” and ” Redettes” are still under scrutiny after many community members say it’s culturally insensitive.

Community members along with board members from The Marquette Senior High School met tonight to discuss the future of the nicknames. Three weeks ago, the Marquette Senior High School Nickname Research Committee formally recommended changing the nicknames.

Many people from the community both against and for the name change chimed in on the conversation tonight.

“If we truly wish to honor our Native American students and community members, shouldn’t we honor them in the way that they wish, and retire the Redmen name once and for all, ” says Tammy Wills, a Marquette resident.

“I hope that the administration at MSHS can get this issue under control, and I want to thank them for the great approach they’ve had to this issue, I know that this is a very sensitive topic and there so many passionate beliefs, but I am truly a proud Marquette Redmen and I think we should retain the name, ” says Justin Kasieta, says former MSHS student.

The MAPS Board of Education will continue to discuss this issue at their next meeting on February 13th.

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