Recreational Marijuana Establishments in the near future


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Many voiced for & against moving forward with allowing Recreational Marijuana businesses in the city of Marquette Monday night.

The Marquette City Commission is considering adopting ordinance #682, allowing Recreational Marijuana establishments within the city limits.

The commission did not vote on moving forward with the ordinance, but set a date for another public hearing, which will be October 15th.

Ronald Keefe, City Attorney, City of Marquette said, “We added somethings to our really rough draft was and one of the things we added was to the rough draft was we took out any limitations as to the number of businesses that each of the establishments could have in the city.”

The commission made a few additions to the ordinance, such as additional requirements for how close possible marijuana businesses could be to child daycare centers, religious institutions, and public parks, along with making sure marijuana establishments will be at least 500 feet from each other.

For more information on Ordinance #682, click here.

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