Recreational marijuana sales begin Dec. 1 in Michigan


NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) — Michigan marijuana businesses now have a date when legal sales of recreational marijuana will start.

According to The Michigan Regulatory Agency, recreational marijuana businesses can begin selling their products on Dec. 1.

However, some businesses may not be ready by then.

“As for us, we have gotten in our recreational license, however, it does not mean we’ll be ready on the first we’re still waiting to hear back from LARA, so when they process our paperwork we’ll know more, ” says Logan Stauber, owner of The Fire Station Provisioning Center.

The Michigan Regulatory Agency says current medical marijuana businesses can transfer up to half of their inventory to the recreational market, as long as the product has been in the facility’s inventory for at least 30 days.

” For the state of Michigan it’s huge, it’s a wonderful opportunity. And really the faster they get the store selling recreational marijuana the faster that they can collect tax revenue and alleviate the black market,” continues Stauber.

For more on rules and regulations regarding marijuana in Michigan, click here.

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