Red Cross is closing the temporary shelter for Pine Ridge residents


MARQUETTE — Through ongoing Red Cross and community assistance, Pine Ridge Apartment residents forced to evacuate due to a July 30 fire that have been living in a temporary emergency shelter are being relocated to new accommodations dispersed across the local area. The current emergency shelter operation at Marquette’s Lakeview Arena will officially close Friday, August 23rd at 9 a.m.

The decision to close the disaster relief shelter does not mean Red Cross assistance to those in need is ending. Instead, the termination of current shelter activities is a positive indicator that the ongoing recovery efforts undertaken by the humanitarian relief organization are progressing well. The shelter has supported all those displaced and has remained active since residents fled the late-night blaze, which began on the building’s roof forcing the evacuation of all 140 units in the nine-story building, including 145 residents.

While volunteer Red Cross shelter case workers continue to actively assist people impacted by the fire cope with many challenges, including mental health issues, housing assistance and various other recovery measures, the group remains committed to helping people throughout the entire recovery process. With an outpouring of assistance from the Marquette community, the Marquette Housing Commission is actively seeking additional transitional housing options for shelter residents to move into prior to their eventual reentry to the apartment complex.

The Red Cross is grateful for the community support received. Yet because the apartment complex remains closed, without services and is still not approved for all residents to return pending necessary repairs and safety inspections, the organization is asking for help from the Marquette community to get the word out about the many recovery resources still available for anyone forced out of their home due to the devastating fire.

Those wishing to assist with the remaining recovery work should contact the Red Cross for additional information on ways to become involved. Additionally, the account established by the Marquette County Housing Authority at River Valley Bank in Marquette remains open and is still accepting donations for those affected by the fire.

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