Red Cross volunteers pack up after Pine Ridge fire


MARQUETTE — Weeks of uncertainty turning into something a little more stable for the 147 people who lived at Pine Ridge Apartments.

Many of them have spent the last several weeks living at shelters between the Superior Dome and LakeShore arena.

Now that a temporary home has been found for everyone living there, the Red Cross volunteers are packing up.

It’s been almost a month since the American Red Cross was called to action for the fire at the Pine Ridge Apartments.

Everyone living in the apartment building was forced out by the flames.

That’s where the Red Cross comes in.

Sarah Hemminger, a Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross says, ” It’s probably one of the most hardest things we’ve ever had to do, this kind of work, but it’s also the most rewarding.”

Sarah Hemminger, who’s been leading the way for the Red Cross tells me being able to provide a safe place for people to go and a piece of mind during a tragedy is what makes it so rewarding.

But their work doesn’t stop because everyone is out of the shelter.

“The operation isn’t over just because they shelter closed. We open cases on folks, and we work with them through their recovery. Our goal is to try and provide recovery services, ” continues Hemminger.

Hemminger went on to tell me they will continue to check on the people of Pine Ridge, making sure they are getting everything they need as they move to their temporary homes with the hope of getting back into their own apartments.

We learned this week there is no firm date for moving back into Pine Ridge.

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