Redistricting lines across Michigan


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Members of the Michigan Secretary of State’s office held a workshop at NMU’s Northern Center to educate the Upper Peninsula community on how they can help ‘Map Michigan’s Future for Fair Elections”.

Last November, Michigan voters decisively supported the “Voters Not Politicians” amendment that would allow 13 randomly-selected citizens to draw new election districts for the Michigan Legislature and U.S. Congress.

Loida Tapia, Director of Public Engagement, Secretary of State Executive Office said, “It was all citizen-led. We have to really thank voters not politicians for putting this forth. It was an amendment that was added through citizens petitions. It was overwhelmingly supported in the November 2018 election. More than 60% of Michiganders voted for this and now the Secretary of State just has to implement it and this is how we will be drawing our district lines every 10 years after the census.”

The commission will include four people who affiliate with the Republican party, four with the Democratic party, and 5 who do not affiliate with either party.

Tapia said the workshops across the state have had great turnouts and that 50% of workshop attendees have applied for the commission.

“Wonderful. We’ve had a really great turnout throughout the state. This is our 9th stop in the state and we’ve had a mix of different groups, we’ve been in churches, we’ve been in state buildings, at Universities, on college campuses, and so we’ve gotten a really great diverse crowds that are applying and interested in finding out more about the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.”

One workshop attendee said they’re proud that the voters made such an impact that the State of Michigan is moving forward with this commission.

For more information on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission or how to sign-up, click here.

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