Reminder about fireworks rules


Police in Escanaba are reminding us of the rules when it comes to shooting off fireworks.

Escanaba Public Safety Lieutenant Marc Zawacki tells the Radio Results Network that state law allows fireworks to be shot off between 11 a.m. until 11:45 p.m. through Friday night.

“Consumer fireworks, that is, anything that leaves the ground or explodes, that must be on private property only,” Zawacki said. “You’re not allowed to light off consumer-type fireworks on public property, like in the park and such. You can be cited for the illegal use of fireworks if you’re caught lighting them off on public property.”

Zawacki says the other thing to note is that even on private property, if you light off fireworks, you are responsible for them.

“Like if a bottle rocket leaves your property and it lands in your neighbor’s bush or something like that and it starts on fire, you’re ultimately responsible for it.”

He says that safety is important when using any fireworks.

“We encourage you to have a water supply nearby,” Zawacki told RRN News. “Obviously, adult supervision and be courteous to your neighbors.”

Municipal Fireworks Displays are planned in Gladstone Thursday night and in both Escanaba and Manistique Saturday night.

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