Report: Lansing School District deputy superintendent involved in a sexual harassment incident


Courtesy: Lansing School District Facebook Page

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – An independent investigator found that the Lansing School District deputy superintendent was involved in a sexual harassment incident, according to a press release from Lansing school officials.

The Lansing School District Board of Education has received a 41-page report that says evidence exists that deputy superintendent Dr. Mark Coscarella was involved in a sexual harassment incident while teaching in another Michigan school district.

“Frankly, the Board (of Education) trusted Dr. Coscarella to tell us the whole truth,” said Lansing School District Board of Education president Gabrielle Lawrence in a written statement. “In the end, tonight I feel that trust has been betrayed. He didn’t tell us the whole truth.”

The report says while Dr. Coscarella was a teacher in another Michigan school district 20 years ago when he disrobed down to his underwear, danced and moved in a sexual nature, and sexually propositioned a student teacher assigned to his classroom.

“I’m disappointed in Dr. Coscarella,” president Lawrence said. “Most of us (board of education members) believed him, and I’m sorry I personally was wrong. I feel bad about it. But I do feel good that this board did the right thing, we listened to our community, we acted in good faith, we took the right action, and I’m glad this painful time in the school district history is almost over.”

Dr. Coscarella did not apply for the open superintendent position. Tonight, the Board of Education took action to consider his current contract for non-renewal.

The Board has determined the report by the private investigator to be a public record subject to disclosure under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act and the board has committed to promoting transparency in this investigative process.

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