Return North held in Marquette for the first time


MARQUETTE — The Innovate Marquette SmartZone and the MTEC SmartZone in Houghton teamed up to bring the Return North career reception to Marquette.

Return North is an event geared toward matching employers who are hiring with job seekers who left the Upper Peninsula and are looking to return back to the area.

Businesses and employers from around the U.P. gathered for this event and showcased the wide range of opportunities that are here.

Kylie Bunting, Marketing Manager at Innovate Marquette Smartzone says, ” I think it’s just a great opportunity. We’re targeting people who have connections to the area already. So maybe they grew up here and left after high school, maybe they went to northern and moved away for a job. So, really I think it’s just a way to get people to move back to the area and to see that there are opportunities and that you don’t have to move away in order to do what you wanna do and have a successful career. “

Return North is a casual event, there is no specific dress code. There’s no need to bring a resume or cover letter. It’s just a chance to make connections and see what is out there.

Employers who attended the event wore red name tags while job seekers wore blue ones.

MTEC SmartZone has been hosting this event for a few years, but this is the first time it’s being held in Marquette.

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