MUNISING — The Michigan Department of Transportation hosted a public forum to inform the Munising community about an upcoming road project the will begin next year.

Starting in the spring of 2020, MDOT will reconstruct M-28 between Brook Street and Commercial Street in Munising, along with the resurfacing of the highway from Commercial Street to East of Christmas.

The biggest addition in this project will be a new roundabout will be placed at the M-28/H-58 intersection.

The new roundabout may be the main focus of the construction, but the Department of Transportation believes this project will beautify the already gorgeous city of Munising.

Dawn Gustafson, Transportation Service Manager, MDOT said, “This project has a lot of benefits for this community. There’s some new water main, there’s some new sewer, there’s the biking community, there’s the multi-use pathway, there will be trash cans along that pathway, there will be bicycle racks, so you can park your bicycle around through downtown. It will help with pedestrians moving through the community. There’s just so many benefits, the overall appearance of Munising is going to change with this project.”

MDOT is also reaching out to the community to get some insight for some of the featured designs.

“Most of our decision making is done, but there are somethings we were able to put out there in a survey. So if you go out and check the survey out you can actually have some input and some say in this project. There’s something’s like what color you would want the concrete in the roundabout, where would you like some of the trash cans and the bike racks, lot of neat stuff,” said Gustafson.

The project is expected to be completed in 2021 with a budget estimated at $13.5 million.

For access to the M-28 Munising Reconstruction Project Public Survey, click here.