MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office issued a release Wednesday warning the community of scammers after multiple reports of phony calls were made.

People reporting the scheme told police the scammers are calling from a number that matches the sheriff’s office’s phone number and are posing as staff. Police say the scammers are able to do that by “spoofing” their phone number and are not calling from their building.

We’re told in one scam the caller said they were a now-retired Sergeant, alerting the victim that there was a warrant for their arrest. Another victim reported the caller saying their computer had been hacked and needed to send money to fix the issue.

“Always use extreme caution when paying someone over the phone, especially if you receive the call,” the release said. “if you ever doubt the legitimacy of someone you are talking with, even if the caller ID looks correct, look up the phone number independently and call that number to verify the personnel.”