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HOUGHTON COUNTY — A cold case involving a U.P. woman who has been missing for years is now considered active.

The woman’s name is Rose Peterson. she was last seen on July 28, 1989.

A woman from Minnesota took interest in the case and is now helping the family try to get some closure. 

Deb Laitila is Rose’s niece. She says, “She was quiet. She worked full time. She listened to country music and had a favorite rocking chair. She had a son.”

She says Rose was last seen walking from Calumet to Hancock on US-41 near the Houghton County Airport.

Deb says, “The day that she went missing she went to a worker’s house for lunch and while that person was in the kitchen making lunch my aunt left and was never seen again.”

The case went cold and the family has been left wondering what happened to rose.

Then, Jill Revak entered the picture.

Revak says, “I was inspired to do the investigation into Rose Peterson because of my mother who knew Rose Peterson and her family. My mother grew up in Hancock.”

Jill has a podcast called Leap in the Dark. It started out as research for a fictional novel she’s writing.

She was drawn to Rose’s case because she didn’t want rose to be overlooked or forgotten.

So, she visited Houghton County and even helped put up missing fliers.

Revak says, “We need the public’s help. We need someone to come forward with any information even small information. The forensics and technology have advanced so much in the past 29 years that it’s very possible we can solve this case.”

Jill helped the family access documents and files related to Rose’s case. Now, the Michigan State Police Calumet Post is looking into information that was brought up which is why it’s considered active.

Deb says, “Somebody knows something and why would you not speak up?”

If you have any information about Rose Peterson’s disappearance call the Michigan State Police Calumet Post at 906-337-5145.