UPDATED, MAY 12, 10:46 a.m.:

We spoke with Michigan State Police on Thursday morning. There have been no new sightings of Helen Kontio and no new details to share about her disappearance or location.

UPDATED, MAY 11, 6:47 p.m. :

In an exclusive interview, Local 3 News spoke with Kathy Conklin who is one of the owners of at Marigold Adult Foster Care in Palmer. Conklin talked with us about what Helen Kontio means to the community.

“She’s a person and she is someone who’s very important to us, to our community to our other clients. Her family, she has a son who’s worried sick about her and people have to realize that this is huge. This is somebody that can be taken advantage of really easily and that’s what I think is the hardest part, is knowing that she’s very vulnerable,” said Conklin.

While MSP lists Kontio as having cognitive/psychological issues, Conklin said Kontio is verbal, she just often chooses not to speak. Conklin asks if anyone sees Helen Kontio, for them to call her as well.

“She understands exactly what you’re saying. Give her a ‘Hello,’ or a ‘Hi, Helen. I haven’t seen you in a long time’ and she’ll think that you’ve known for a long time. Even offer her ‘Hey, can you wait right here and I’ll get you a coke’ and then get a hold of the authorities or our number here too. I mean, we’re more than happy to come get her we just truly want her home.”

Conklin spoke to us about the moments when she realized Kontio had gone missing.

“She is she’s always home for supper and if she’s not she’s at her picnic table, and I holler from the porch and she heads on over. I just holler her name and she heads on over and comes home but she never misses supper. So that’s when we knew we have an issue, is she was not around or else she wouldn’t been here.”

Conklin’s big message right now, “All we want is we want to get her home. We want to get her back to her home, to her bed, to her routine, to her family here and give everybody that peace of mind.”

Local 3 News was back in Palmer on Wednesday. The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office said the Search and Rescue Team that was utilized on Tuesday was not requested to return on Wednesday.

UPDATED MAY 11 10:41 AM :

We spoke with Michigan State Police on Wednesday morning who say Helen Kontio still has not been located.

UPDATED MAY 10 10:17 PM :

It was night two of the search for Helen Kontio who has been missing since yesterday. Michigan State Police, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, and community volunteers gathered on foot to continue to search for one of their own. The search was postponed due to lightning but resumed around 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. Kontio is believed to still be in Marquette County.

Call 906-475-9922 if you have seen Kontio or have any information on where she might be.

PALMER, Mich. (WJMN) – Michigan State Police are asking for the public’s help to find a woman who went missing from Marigold Assisted Living Facility in Palmer.

Helen Elizabeth Kontio was last seen wearing a blue and gold shirt, blue jean capri pants, white tennis shoes, and a dark blue jacket. Kontio is a resident at Marigold and was seen Monday afternoon outside the facility around 1:00 p.m. and then near the Palmer softball field around 9:00 p.m.

Kontio suffers from cognitive/psychological issues and is believed to still be in Marquette County. Call authorities immediately if you have seen her or know where she might be.

While our news crew was in Palmer, neighbors tell us most of the 200 plus people who call Palmer home were out Monday night looking for Kontio and plan to do the same thing on Tuesday night.

A command post for the search was set up at the Richmond Township Hall building on Tuesday night.

Neighbors in Palmer also tell us Kontio has lived in the same place for about 40 years and is a fixture in the community.

State Police are asking people in the Palmer area to check their surveillance cameras and to report any sightings.

Call 906-475-9922 if you have any information or download the Michigan State Police app for updates.