Sen. Peters urges consumer data privacy protections


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U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) highlighted the need to strengthen privacy protections as consumers increasingly utilize data and technology apps for daily needs.

During a Senate Commerce Committee hearing examining data privacy expectations, Peters questioned experts about what more must be done to protect consumers’ data and highlighted recent reports of pregnancy applications sharing personal data and data brokers attempting to sell the personal information of over 1.2 million children.

Currently there are no federal restrictions on sharing personal information collected on mobile apps, such as health records. In addition, there’s a lack of federal oversight, transparency and accountability for data brokers, which amass information about consumers and then work to sell that data to other companies and or individuals.

“The issue of protecting privacy, given the explosion of data from technologies – with the ability to collect vast amounts of data – will be one of the defining issues of this decade,” said Senator Peters. “With data comes power, and that power is based on data collected from all of us individually. We need to ensure protections are in place so that consumers know whether or not their sensitive, personal information can be shared or sold.”

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