Skater Girl: Green Bay mom helps make daughter’s figure skating dreams a possibility


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Reagan Sullivan’s passion for skating started as a passion for roller skating.

“Then my mom let me try ice skating and I loved it,” Reagan told Local 5.

Reagan’s ice skating career began when she was in the second grand.

Now a high school freshman, she skates competitively for a synchronized team out of Fond du Lac and practices about three times a week.

Reagan is dedicated to the sport, but being competitive as a figure skater costs more than time spent at the rink.

“Some skates, you know, they’re about $1,000,” Reagan’s mom, Stephanee Sullivan told Local 5, “and then it’s about $1,000 more for the blades, there’s the travel, there’s the hotels.”

That’s not to mention the fees for belonging to her skating team.

“It can be an expensive sport,” Stephanee said. “So I got a second job to cover all that.”

Stephanee is a pre-school teacher, but three nights a week, she works at the deli counter at Festival Foods.

That extra money goes toward Reagan’s skating.

“It means a lot to her,” Stephanee said, “being her mom, I see how much fun she’s having on the ice.”

“I really like to try new jumps and spins and I like meeting new people,” Reagan said.

The high school Freshman plans to continue moving up in her sport.

In figure skating, skaters advance by reaching new levels.

“I’m on open Juv,” Reagan said, naming her current level. “Then it goes Juv after that and then Intermediate and then Junior, and I want to make it to Junior.”

Making those moves can be costly.

Every time Reagan attempts to advance a level, she undergoes testing.

“Every time she tests and moves up a level, you have to pay a coaches’ fee, you have to pay a judges’ fee because they’re all being flown in from everywhere,” Stephanee explained.

Mother and daughter plan to keep working toward making Reagan’s goals a possibility, in a sport she loves.

“I get to spend a lot of time with my mom,” Reagan said. “we get to do more things together and it’s an activity that we have fun with.”

As long as she’s having fun, Stephanee says she will keep making it all possible.

“As long as she wants to do it, I’ll keep working to put her through it,” she said.

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