Snow means more salt on local roadways

Snow means more salt on local roadways_7538980455580780920

Greenleaf, Wis.(WFRV)–All the snowfall we’ve seen over the past few days is forcing Brown County to use it’s road salt at a greater pace than usual. 

    At the Greenleaf facility alone, they’ve gone through 18-hundred tons of salt this week.
    The other three facilities in Brown County have gone through more.
    That’s the most salt they’ve gone through in a week this year.
    Today 500 tons of salt were delivered to the Greenleaf highway department facility.
    The salt comes from one of the major distributors of table salt–Morton Salt.
    Brown County purchases about 6-thousand tons of salt a year with a 15-hundred ton reserve.
    The Greenleaf facility houses about 2-thousand tons of salt.

    So how much salt does it take to cover one mile of highway?
    Robert Bousely of Brown County Public works, “For an  average snow storm about 300lbs. On days like Thursday, we go through 4-500lbs.”

    Today’s delivery isn’t costing anything extra. The highway department purchases all of their salt a year in advance. 

    The Brown County Public Works operations manager  says their budget is right on target. 

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