SnowCare for Troops helping military personnel

This is the 5th season ‘Project Evergreen’ and BOSS Snowplow have partnered to help military families with free snow and ice removal services.

This year, SnowCare for Troops has expanded to include wounded and disabled veterans, in addition to active duty personnel.

Douglas is a disabled veteran living in Dickinson County, and says his disability affects his everyday life.

“I may struggle to brush my teeth, sometimes picking up plates because my thumb just will not function or any of the fingers in there.”

Douglas served in the United States Army, and was honorably discharged after he developed carpal tunnel.

A volunteer for SnowCare for Troops, Kurt Rosenthal says, “[Veterans are] a pretty proud bunch and they don’t often ask for help, but when they do, they need it.”

Once it started snowing, Douglas knew he needed help and he turned to SnowCare for Troops. It’s a nationwide service, established to provide snow plow services for active duty and disabled veterans.

“The first time they came, I had finished the front pathway to the mailbox, did our deck,” said Douglas. “I got back down to the back alley where the garage is, and was about to be in tears because I was soaked, wet and in pain, and then I saw that they did it and I just was overjoyed.”

“It’s a way of giving back to the veterans,” said Kurt. “I’m fortunate enough to have a snowplow and I enjoy using it, and it’s nice to see a smile on the face and the relief I know it brings.”

Chuck Lantz, Director of the Dickinson County Veterans Affairs, said, “So this actually gives them a sense of gaining quality of life in a way of – they’ll be able to get out of their house quicker to go somewhere, to go shopping or go to the doctor, or whatever.”

For Douglas and his family, SnowCare for Troops has been a blessing, taking away his fear, anxiety and pain.

“The SnowCare for Troops has helped me regain sort of just my time back, and my family,” reflected Douglas. “Because before the SnowCare for Troops was involved in my life, when it snowed it took us four days, sometimes five days to do the snow.”

Here is more information about the project and how to sign up:

Project EverGreen’s SnowCare for Troops (SCFT) was established to help ease the burden during the winter months for the nation’s active-duty troops serving overseas.

Now in its fifth season, the SCFT campaign is expanding to also serve wounded and disabled veterans. SCFT is managed by non-profit Project EverGreen and underwritten by BOSS Snowplow. The program provides free snow removal to active-duty military families and now wounded and disabled veterans through a local volunteer network. With the expansion of SCFT, we want to get the word out to beneficiaries and volunteers to participate in the program by registering online at

Here is some information about the program:

· SnowCare for Troops is a nationwide outreach program sponsored by Project EverGreen and funded by BOSS Snowplow to provide snow removal to families with a member deployed in the military and now wounded and disabled veterans.
· The program provides free snow removal services through a volunteer network that includes snowplow professionals, landscape contractors and other good citizens.
· Project EverGreen is able to offer these services to local military families and veterans thanks to the generous funding of BOSS Snowplow. During the summer months, GreenCare for Troops offers free lawn and landscaping services to military families. This campaign is supported by the Toro Co.
· BOSS Snowplow has funded the SnowCare for Troops campaign since its inception during the 2010-11 snow season and supports the program in other ways, including outreach to build program awareness and recruit participation.
· Project EverGreen has undertaken the SnowCare for Troops program to help fulfill its mission to preserve and enhance green space in local communities.
· This program is a natural extension of the highly successful GreenCare for Troops program, which provides landscaping services to military and veterans; both programs were recognized by the White House’s Joining Forces initiative in 2012.
· Registration is free. There is no charge for the service.
· Just visit to sign up.

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