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SOUTH MARQUETTE — Last week, The Marquette Regional History Center hosted their South Marquette Walking Tour that attracted more than a hundred and fifty attendees.

This provided an opportunity to learn more about the history of one of the first neighborhoods in Marquette.

Cris Osier, Executive Director, Marquette Regional History Center said, “There was a real connection. If you were from south Marquette, everyone was apart of a big family and people looked out for one another, people helped everyone out.”

Jim Koski, a South Marquette Native, provided colorful commentary for the walking tours attendees.

“Jim is just easy going and he has an act for bringing in the humor element, but also that connection. He is actually from south Marquette as well, so he was able to get some great stories from his parents, who grew up there too, and so that was a huge part of the program,” said Osier.

Jim started the walking tour right here on Craig Street and Division, right outside John Burt’s house. This is the oldest and the very first built-in Marquette.

“We talked about the Plank Road, that came in from Negaunee. We also talked about the Hotel Marquette. We talked about the grocery store and the gas station. There was one church and one school and the baseball that is there used to be an ice arena at the same time, said Osier. “People would open their homes, so people could put on their skates or take five to warm up. People played music out of their window for entertainment for those who were skating, so it really was a true neighborhood that encompassed a family atmosphere.”

Later on, I asked Cris how the neighborhood reacted to all the people in the street she said, “traffic was that big of a deal and many neighbors actually joined in on the tour.

The Marquette Regional History Center has an event coming up as well.

“Well, you’ll be able to get to see and hear Jim again. Next week we have our Brewing History event, which is a ticketed event. We’re selling beer as well. He is going to be talking about the nightlife in downtown Marquette and that will include South Marquette as well and his stories on that topic are really funny and will have a great powerpoint presentation of interesting photos to see as well,” said Osier.

For more information on that event, click here.

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