Special friendship makes Michigamme girl look forward to garbage day


MICHIGAMME– The work of driving around in a garbage truck and picking up other people’s trash isn’t always the easiest job. But when it comes to Mondays rolling up to Maple Ridge Resort in Michigamme, their work is always appreciated.

Two years ago, the Haskett Family moved to Michigamme from Metro-Detroit to run the Maple Ridge Resort.

“Garbage pick up would come and pull right into our driveway so that was exciting for her,” said Nicole Haskett, Owner, Maple Ridge Resort.

And for the family’s oldest daughter, now 4-year-old Lacey, she formed a special bond with the people who pick up her, her family’s and the businesses trash on garbage day.

“Pretty quickly it became a weekly event where she would dress up in her best dress and find a treat to give to the garbage guys and help load the garbage into the truck and they let her press the button and honk the horns so it just kind of became a fun weekly tradition,” said Nicole. “And it was a good way for us to meet the community and our neighbors, make friends.”

Because the family owns a camping resort, other kids staying there are curious about all of the wonders of the garbage truck.

“Everyone seems to get a kick out of our garbage day routine,” said Haskett.

Lacey even has a book on what garbage day is like for the Haskett Family.

“So my father kind of made this book for Lacey in kind of a celebration of her garbage day tradition with some pictures I had sent him and some computer graphics that he did,” said Haskett.

From giving each other gifts on holidays, like stuffed bears for Valentine’s Day. Or handing off a sweet treat before they hit the road… the appreciation for each other goes both ways.

“I think from their point of view, you know they work hard and it’s an essential service and we’re certainly appreciative for the service they provide us,” said Haskett. “Being a business, we have more than the typical amount of garbage each week. I think it’s a great way for them to learn that we’re friendly with everyone in the community and there’s no job that’s beneath us.”

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