State Rep. Beau LaFave discusses testing positive for COVID-19, says he’s ‘feeling better’


IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WJMN) – Since testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, State Representative Beau LaFave has been quarantined at his Dickinson County home since last Friday.

Local 3 News spoke with him on Thursday, in which he said he is feeling about 90 percent better.

“The infection itself it is not, you know, it’s not looking for Democrats or Republicans or anything, anything like that. It’s trying to get all of us. And it’s a horrible disease. Fortunately it’s not, fortunately for a lot of us, it’s not going to require hospitalization. But, that doesn’t mean we should not, that doesn’t mean we should be anything but careful,” said LaFave.

People, including those in the state legislature, have been sending support to LaFave.

“I really appreciate the kind well wishings that I’ve gotten, both via text message or email or on my Facebook. It’s been very humbling to remember how many people out there care about us and about our well-being in our time of need.”

LaFave said he has not been in contact with anyone since he returned to Dickinson County. He has continued work on several bills at the state level while he’s been home, and is optimistic he’ll be back in Lansing soon.

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