Stay in your lane, Munising Police remind drivers of state law


MUNISING– In Michigan, it’s illegal to pass another vehicle on the right if you leave the pavement or just off to the side of the road. It’s a growing issue in Munising.

“So with the increase of traffic over the years the main problem we have is on the east end of town where M-28 does not have turn lane we get a lot of vehicles passing on the right shoulder of the roadway,” said Chief John Nelson, Munising City Police.

Chief Nelson says incidents like this can lead to serious accidents.

“So a lot of times with the vehicles when they’re passing on the right, they’re doing it right within the area of an intersection so the oncoming traffic creates a potentially dangerous situation where you could have a t-bone type of accident,” said Nelson. “Also, with the increase of tourism, we have a huge increase of foot and bicycle traffic that utilizes shoulders of the road.”

Nelson says that an upcoming major road construction project through Munising will hopefully decrease the issue.

“In 2020, M-28 throughout the City of Munising is slated for a total reconstruct,” said Nelson. “Included in that will be a roundabout at the intersection and in that problem area there will be carrying a turn lane all the way through to the east edge of the city limits.”

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