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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Many families are preparing to spend the holidays together, but for those who serve our country, that’s not always an option.

Several volunteers from The First Presbyterian Church of Marquette are sending troops a taste of the holiday season.

Dani Jaklin, Event Organizer says, ” All year we look forward to this. People from the community come and join us, the congregations gathers in. We bring wish list items and we pack up a Christmas stocking for troops that are deployed overseas.”

The First Presbyterian Church of Marquette has been hosting this event for the past 10 years, and Jacklin tells me each year it gets better.

” We get the responses back that they’re so pleased to have a little taste of home when they can’t be home to enjoy it. It’s just us sending out love and cheer to them knowing they’re away from their families at Christmas, ” continues Jaklin.

Each stocking is stuffed with snacks, hygiene products and handwritten notes from volunteers.

The group is set to send 100 stockings overseas this year.

Tom Manson, a member of The First Presbyterian Church, says this event is especially important to him because his grandson is currently overseas.

” I think getting something from home unexpectedly is always a treat, they’ll go through this candy in about 2 minutes but I’m sure they’ll have a good time,” says Tom Manson, a member of The First Presbyterian Church.

Manson says the community loves to spread love and give back.

” This community, just as you look everyone’s working together, it’s kinda fun, it’s a thing you look forward to every year. It’s interesting to see how well you can drum up goods for the troops to send over there. Well that takes a little effort and time but it’s well worth it, ” continues Manson.

Jaklin ends by telling me…

” The Upper Peninsula residents are really generous, caring individuals, and we get to share that love far, far away. Many people don’t know where the Upper Peninsula is on a map until they receive our Christmas stocking, so it’s really fun,” says Jaklin.

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