Student safety top priority for Marquette City Police & Prosecutor’s Office


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MARQUETTE – Student safety has been on the minds of many lately after recent school shootings taking place across the country.

The Marquette County Prosecutor recently addressed the need for parents to speak with their children. This is a topic that local law enforcement are not taking lightly. Both Marquette City Police and the Marquette County Prosecutor’s Office are taking safety threats seriously.

“This is something that we’ve been taking a proactive approach on for quite some time,” said Blake Rieboldt, Marquette City Police Chief. “We’ve been working with MAPS on developing and constantly evaluating the level of service we as a police department provide not only to the schools, but to a lot of other areas where these type of situations have occurred.”

And Marquette Area Public Schools are not the only agency city police are working with. They’ve been back and forth with the Prosecutor’s Office.

“We work with them on a daily basis to make sure that the message is getting out,” said Rieboldt. “That we won’t tolerate fake threats or threats in our schools, in our work places, and that if you’re going to do those and we find out who you are we will prosecute you to the utmost of the law.”

In fact, some possible charges are felonies and can carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Marquette County Prosecutor Matt Wiese is encouraging parents to talk with their children about the consequences of actions like posting threats on social media.

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