Students release fish as part of ‘Salmon in the Classroom’ program


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MARQUETTE– 3rd graders from Cherry Creek Elementary have been raising salmon since November. 

“We started like feeding them,” said Aijah Houghton, student. “Like after they were hatched.”

“We’ve been feeding them salmon food and chunks,” added student, Kiera Daugherty.

After six months of raising the fish, it was time to release them into the water.

“Now we’re releasing them because most of them are big enough to be released,” said Sydney Ray, student. 

What they’re doing is part of the ‘Salmon in the Classroom’ project. Initiated by the Fred Waara Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the group funds for the set-up of 8 aquariums in schools throughout the U.P. Each year the aquariums are supplied with 200 salmon eggs.

“We tied it in with our 3rd grade social studies standards and we found that this program actually is able to tie in all of the content areas,” said Travis Smith, Principal Cherry Creek Elementary.

To release the salmon, the students placed a couple of fish in a plastic bag, they then held the bag in the Dead River for five minutes to acclimate the fish to their new environment. After that, they were set free. 

“Really exciting,” said student, Landen  Faccio.

“It’s very exciting because we’ve had them for a long time,” added Nora Grout, student.

“It’s exciting but I kind of don’t want them to go because we’ve been raising them so long,” said Brooklyn Columb. 

Students from Gwinn Middle School will be releasing them on Friday and students from Grand Marais will be releasing theirs the following Friday.

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