Stuff the Bus helps kids in need gear up for school

Coming up on Monday, August 17th, is the Stuff the Bus school supply collection.
The effort is to fill a bus with school supplies for needy students in the Marquette County area.
This is your chance to help local children whose families might not be able to afford school supplies.
And the event has inspired many local businesses to pitch in as well.
Mark Pynnonen, Owner of Signs Now and an event sponsor spoke about why the cause is important to him, saying,  “A lot of times we just assume kids have what they need and that they’re, you know, they’ve got all their supplies and everything and you take it for granted. But a lot of them unfortunately don’t. They’re there to learn and if they’re distracted by not having pencils, supplies, whatever’s a distraction to what they’re there for.”
Backpacks are also appreciated and so are monetary donations.  They can be used to purchase additional needed items.
The 2015 stuff the bus one-day back-to-school collection will be at the Holiday Inn in Marquette on Monday from 10 a.m. Until 7 p.m.

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