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ESCANABA – Today is National Melanoma Monday, set aside by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness of skin cancer.

Spreading that message today was the Just Believe foundation by installing two brand new sunscreen dispensers in Delta County.

“We wanted to do something special for Melanoma Awareness Day,” said Delight Hill of the Just Believe Foundation. “So we thought putting the dispensers down in Delta County would be a good idea so we’re happy to do it!”

Members of Just Believe contacted the city of Escanaba with the idea, after applying for a grant through Superior Health.

“They had some sunscreen dispensers and we’ve never had anything like that down at the beach house so when she called, we were super excited and jumped right on it,” said Kim Peterson, Recreation Director for the City of Escanaba. “As you can tell, we did install one for the first time this year. We do usually buy a couple of bottles of sunscreen throughout the year but having a dispenser here, no one is going to have to search for any sunscreen protection. They can come down here and use it so that’ll be great.”

This is the fourth dispenser to be installed by the Just Believe Foundation. For them, it’s about spreading the message of skin cancer and how preventable it can be.

“It’ll never be fulfilled until we know that skin cancer is eradicated,” says Hill. “So we’ll just keep plugging along and see what we can do!”

With a U.P. summer just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better.

“I think it’s going to be great,” says Peterson. “It’s going to be a great asset to our new beach house this year and like I said, a lot of people can come here and may forget their sunscreen or they’re going to get sand in it. So we have it here and it’s free for everyone to use.”

Aronson Island beach will be opening the second week of June.

Melanoma is a very dangerous form of skin cancer and we have four more stories to bring you on this topic this week:

   – Tomorrow, the story of 38-year-old Jodi Ball who died four years ago and how her mother is continuing Jodi’s wish to teach others about skin cancer prevention and sun safety.

   – On Wednesday, we look at “Meters For Melanoma,” a way for former Michigan Tech rowing coach Terry Smyth to raise money for research as she fights a very serious battle with the disease.

   – Thursday, we take a look at a study at Northern Michigan University on cancer survivor’s and whether exercise helps reduce stress.

   – Friday, Local 3’s own Cynthia Thompson tells her story of being diagnosed with malignant melanoma three decades ago and again, last year.