MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Superior Recovery House is a no time limit transitional housing service for people fighting substance use, focused on peer support.

“People are going into rehab, doing whatever their insurance will pay for, 14-28 days usually, then they get out and go right back to the same people and places they were in before with no structure to their life and ending
right back at square one,” said Ryan Redmond, Superior Recovery House.

It started by developing a coalition of like-minded people who had someone close to them and their family that was affected by substance abuse and recovery. They worked with local organizations to see if a non-profit like this was feasible in the Marquette.

Once they had the support, they formed a board. Now they are in phase two of the process, securing a brick and mortar location in the city

Redmond visited recovery communities in Lansing, Holland, Escanaba, and Iron Mountain. He gathered best practices and plan on bringing them back to Marquette and using them for Superior Recovery House.

So who could use the facility?

“There has to be a commitment to recovery, thirty days clean. Most of the time that’s coming out of a rehab facility. Then committing to a long term plan and follow through our structured support system,” said Redmond.

Redmond says their support doesn’t end when people leave the house. And as soon as they acquire the property they’ll be able to start making improvements and get the building ready.

The first people to make use of the facility could come within 3-6 months of when they find their building. He says there is an immediate need to help our neighbors.

Redmond said, “We’ve had multiple people reach out to us with interest and actually 2 of them passed away in early October, a few days before we got our Non-profit status.”