Teens enjoy NMU’s Cyber Camp


MARQUETTE — High school students are in Marquette to learn more about cybersecurity.

Northern Michigan University is hosting Cyber Camp this week.

This camp is an introduction for High School age students to the world of computer coding, programming, and creating through technology.

Students will explore different coding platforms, app development, networking basics, and cybersecurity topics in this hands-on, challenge-based summer experience.

“It is a lot of fun, you’ll learn how to program something’s. Sometimes we do even simple games. There have been years we’ve programmed iPhones. We do all sorts of programming here and it’s good to kind of get started because programming is a very approachable discipline. There is a misconception that only really, super intelligent people can program a computer, but that’s not true and it’s designed that way. It’s designed so that normal people can do it,” said Andrew Poe, Instructor.

No previous computer programming experience is required.

Cyber Camp goes on this week from 1-4 p.m. ending this Friday.

For more information on Cyber Camp, click here.

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