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IRON COUNTY — Continuing in the Kelly Cochran murder trial, Kelly’s mother took the stand again this morning, testifying to a phone call she had with her daughter while she was in the Iron County Jail.

The phone call indicated that Kelly had homicidal tendencies from a young age, where in the call, Kelly’s mother Melanie asks her how old she was when she started feeling urges.

Unfortunately, the audience could not here the response from Kelly, but did hear Melanie reply, “Yeah but you know what, if you would have said one day ‘Mom, Dad, I’m really sick. I feel like I want to kill people. I feel like I want to hurt people. I feel like I want to shoot people.’ I would have looked at you like you were nuts, but I would have done something. I would have forced them to take you, and put you in.”

Next to take the stand was a close friend of Jason and Kelly Cochran, Walter Ammerman, who notified authorities of Jason Cochran’s death, and agreed to go along with one detective’s idea. 

“He explained to me that he had a plan in the works. That he would like to have me call Kelly and tell her that Jason had mailed me a letter back in December…” Ammerman explained.

And in the recorded call that he made to Kelly, Ammerman read the non-existent letter from Jason Cochran.

“The note says, ‘Doc, if something were to happen to me, please send this in a few weeks. Do not open it. Thanks. Quack Quack,'” Ammerman said.

“The envelope has an address to the Iron River Police Department. So, it’s been three weeks, it’s been bugging me, and I haven’t been talking about it,” Ammerman continued. “But, it looks like I’m supposed to mail this, but I just wanted to tell you.” 

The court then heard Kelly whimpering and crying, and begged, “Please don’t.”

The rest of the day was filled by the testimonies of a couple of FBI officers, as well as a Back Road Search and Rescue officer.

Testimonies are expected to continue tomorrow morning.