MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — A video of at least two men in Pennsylvania torturing an injured deer was posted to social media. An investigation into that incident is underway and people in the U.P. are speaking out about it.

” Those people don’t represent hunters and nothing near it. For people to spread that, and show that and depict that as hunters that’s just wrong because these are just animal cruelty people, ” says George Lindquist, a U.P. hunter.

Lindquist says a huge part of his ethics involves getting a clean kill.

” I think I’m like a lot of other hunters, where if I’m gonna take an animal, if I’m going to pull that trigger I think about what I’m doing and I want to make the quickest the cleanest kill I can do, ” continues Lindquist.

Lindquist says he goes hunting to learn more about nature.

” Whether you pull the trigger or not, it’s about learning and how wildlife acts and reacts and so to me that’s a really big part of it and about the learning experience, ” continues Lindquist.

John Pepin, with the DNR, says ethical hunting is a strong component of that sport.

” In general ethics is one of the key provisions of hunting and that’s part of the strong hunting heritage that Michigan has, ” says John Pepin, Deputy Public Information Officer.

Pepin says with strong ethics comes great responsibility.

” You don’t point your gun at people, you know what you’re shooting at before you shoot at it, and you try to be as ethical as you can in hunting as far as, trying to get a clean kill on animals, so your not wounding animals unnecessarily, ” continues Pepin.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has not charged anyone yet but says they have a good idea who the two people are.