The impact of power outages on one U.P. family


GWINN, Mich. (WJMN) — Tricia Miilu and her family of five have lived in Gwinn for the past ten years.

They’ve experienced power outages before but she says this time was much different.

Tricia’s family had to leave their home because it got too cold.

” I have three children one of which that lives in Marquette so we’ve been able to find refugee in her house at college with some of her roommates,” says Tricia Miilu, an elementary school teacher in Gwinn.

Before they left, the impact of the power outage resulted in the death of one of their pets.

” We had to bring our animals out because we already lost a lizard in the cold because it was just too cold without the lights for our lizard, and we have two dogs and a cat that we needed to seek refugee with as well, ” continues Miilu.

Through it all Miilu still remains positive.

” We have been without in the past when the storms have gotten really bad, but this town is absolutely amazing. Small town U.P. everyone hasn’t had to go without, they’ve opened up their doors for everybody, I know I can just go down the road to anyone’s house that I know and they would be glad to give us refugee with all of our animals or not,” says Miilu.

Miilu tells me Forsyth Township has rallied around the community.

” Shelters are available here in the township, people can come in shower, get a warm bite to eat, and stay overnight as well, ” says Myron Hillock, Executive Director of Emergency Management for Forsyth Township.

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